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Leah Behind A Fence
Leah Behind A Fence

7th February 2011 “There's a secret garden known by few. Nobody knows what it looks like, or why it’s a secret. All they know, is that it’s a secret; that’s the people I heard talking about it. I try to go there for myself one day to see why this secret is talked about so covetously and highly.” Leah Behind A Fence, takes you into a world, that isn't as logical as the one you know. It’s a snapshot into the lives of people who live behind a fence are visited, not aware that there’s a world outside theirs. A question is raised, regarding whether it’s possible for those people, to live outside the world that they know, and have become accustomed to Inspired by modern day happenings, A Garden Of Secrets, takes you into a world within a world, where racism thrives, and where integration isn't as successful where one would think.

desbest's web design portfolio
desbest's web design portfolio